Simple and Slim Design with Hidden Display

LG air conditioner‘s slim and modern design makes easy installation and convenient cleaning with EZ sliding filter.

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Gold Fin™

The Gold Fin™ ensures that the surface is more resistant to corrosion and enhances the durability of heat exchanger for a much longer period.

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Residential Air Conditioners

Inverter Air Conditioners

LG Air-Conditioner 1.5HP

Keep your cool with an inverter air conditioner that’s stylish and powerful. Explore the latest LG single-split inverter air conditioning units.

Quick and Easy Installation

LG air conditioners are designed for easier and more efficient installation, regardless of the surroundings and the number of persons involved in the installation process.

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Tropical Dual Inverter Compressor™

LG’s Tropical Dual Inverter Compressor™ that works even at 65℃ With the 10year warranty on the compressor.

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Filter optimized by 3M technology

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