Convenience and Powerful Washing with Smart Technology

Are you looking for washing machine which is a good quality, powerful washing, saving energy and fast washing? LG washing machine is the best choice for you.

LG washing machine give you the better performance and save your energy with the smarts functions such as:


TrueSteam™ technology enables Allergy Care,Steam Refresh, and the new Steam Softener feature. LG’s TrueSteam™ technology helps to eliminate allergens 99.9 and sterilizes bacterias.


In LG washing machine with Inverter Direct Drive Technology, the motor is directly attached to the drum without using a belt or pulley. Lesser mechanical parts ensures least energy dissipation which enhances the washing performance,ensures minimal noise and vibration,more durability and energy saving.

Auto Pre-Wash

LG’s Auto Pre-Wash is the easiest option to clear stain-removal concern. With one touch, tough stains are ready to be gone. Let your hands free, let your washing machine do the laundry.
– Once 8 minutes of Pre-Wash course ends, normal course begins.
– Pre-Wash allows you to pre-treat your clothes with care such an hand pre-wash.


TurboWash enables not only the regular washing programme to finish in 59 minutes but also create impressive energy savings and maintain washing performance. LG TurboWash reduces energy consumption by up to 15 and water consumption by up to 40. Faster, clean and lower energy bills.

Turbo Drum

The unique technology that knows how to take care of your clothes while giving you the perfect wash. The dual direction rotating drum reduces tangling of clothes which ensures your clothes stay as fresh and new for much longer than ever before. The machine also is now less susceptible to wear and tear giving you a longer life. Turbodrum allows the movement of the drum in the opposite direction of the pulsator, for a doubly-efficient wash action.

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