XBooM 1100W


LG Home Audio XBooM 1100W

Key Features

  • Powerful Output 1100W
  • CD/DVD Playback
  • Xvid Playback
  • Auto DJ
  • TV Sound Sync
  • Bluetooth Stand-by
XBooM 1100W
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Auto DJ

Sound Sync

Bluetooth Stand-by


Auto DJ

You can put your party on Auto DJ and let the system take over while you enjoy yourself.

TV Sound Sync

Connect your compatible LG TV to the system without ugly wires.

Bluetooth Stand-by

The party starts the moment you send music to it. The system sleeps but when music is sent via Bluetooth the unit wakes and plays.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Enjoy your favorite music on mobile devices through LG sound system with wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth.

USB Playback

Music straight from a USB storage device.

Sound EQ

Customize the way your music sounds.
LED pannel clearly shows the sound mode that you are in.


Target MP `16.3
Main Set DM8360-FB
Power Output - Front 550W x 2
Function Selector - CD/DVD Yes/Yes
Function Selector - Tuner Yes
Function Selector - AUX In Yes
Function Selector - USB1 Yes
Function Selector - Portable In Yes
Function Selector - Bluetooth Yes
Audio Out - Audio line out (Line out / Party Link) Yes/No
Audio In - USB 1 Yes (Front)
Audio In - Portable In Yes (Front)
Audio In - AUX IN (L/R) Yes (Rear)
Video Out - HDMI Out Yes
Door Lock Key (Disc) Yes
System Connection with speaker (Front / Subwoofer) Yes/No
Speaker Out - Front L/R 1/1
Radio Antenna - FM Yes
Karaoke Function - Mic Volume(on Main Set) Yes
Karaoke Function - Mic Jack 2EA (Φ6.3)
Karaoke Function - Echo (on RCU) Yes
Display - Demo Yes
Display - Dimmer Yes
EQ - User EQ Yes
EQ - Cluster2 EQ Yes
EQ - Standard Yes
EQ - Pop Yes
EQ - Classic Yes
EQ - Rock Yes
EQ - Jazz Yes
EQ - Bass Blast Yes
EQ - Football Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Dangdut Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Arabic Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Afro Hip-hop Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - India Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Banda Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Regueton Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Merengue Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Cumbia Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Salsa Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Samba Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Axe Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Tecno Brega Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Forro Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Funk Yes
Local EQ (Latin/ Brazil/ etc.) - Sertanejo Yes
Auto DJ Yes
Childsafe Mode Yes
Power Requirement - Narrow (50/60Hz) 110 or 220/230V 50/60Hz
Power Requirement - Wide 110/220V
Power Consumption 150W
Power Consumption at stand by 0.5W↓
Audio Control
Dolby Digital Yes
2Ch Stereo(By-Pass) Yes
Mute Yes
Karaoke - Howling Canceler Yes
Karaoke - Microphone Echo Control Yes
Karaoke - Voice canceller Yes
Type PLL
Band FM
Tuning Range- FM (50kHz / 100kHz) 87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz
Station Preset Ran.50
Memory / Erase Yes
Clock/Alram/Sleep/Set Yes
Playable Disc, File type / Convenience
Loading Type 1-CD Tray
DVD GUI - Graphic User Interface Yes
DVD GUI - Language Yes
DVD GUI - Initial Language Yes
DVD Regional Code - NTSC/PAL/AUTO Yes/Yes/No
Playable DISC Format - DVD(NTSC) Yes
Playable DISC Format - DVD(PAL) Yes
Playable DISC Format - DVD-R Yes
Playable DISC Format - DVD-RW(Video/VR Mode) Yes/No
Playable DISC Format - DVD+R/+R(Double Layer) Yes
Playable DISC Format - DVD+RW(Video mode) Yes
Playable DISC Format - Audio CD Yes
Playable DISC Format - MP3/WMA CD Yes
Playable DISC Format - CD-R/CD-RW Yes
Playable DISC Format - CDG Yes
Playable File Format - MP3 Yes
Playable File Format - WMA Yes
Playable File Format - JPEG Yes
Playable File Format - Progressive JPEG Yes
Playable File Format - MPEG2 Yes
Playable File Format - Xvid Yes
Convenience - Repeat 1/All Yes/Yes
Convenience - Resume Yes
Convenience - Last Condition Memory Yes
Convenience - Program Play(track) Yes
Convenience - Random Play Yes
Convenience - Skip - Fwd/Rev Yes
Convenience - Scan - Fwd/Rev Yes
Convenience - Slow - Fwd/Rev Yes
Convenience - Slow - Volume on TV Yes
Convenience - USB direct recording Yes
Convenience - MP3P battery charging by USB / micro USB Yes/No
Convenience - x1.5 Audio/Video playback No/Yes
Convenience - Bluetooth Yes
Convenience - MP3/WMA ID3 Tag Display Yes
Convenience - BluetoothAuto Function Change Yes
Convenience - TV Sound Sync.(LG TV) Yes
Convenience - Bluetooth Power on (Stand by) Yes
Remote Commander & Accessory
Remote Control Unit - Unit Yes
Remote Control Unit - Model name CB1
Remote Control Unit - Number of Key 37
Remote Control Unit - Battery AAA x 1
Instruction Manual - Simple Yes
Warranty Card Yes
HDMI cable Yes
FM Antenna FM 75Ω ANT
Carton Box Type (Tip on / Offset / Flexo) Tip on
SPEAKER Sytem Model Name DMS8360
Front - Model Name DMS8360F
Spreaker - System 2Way 2Speaker
Spreaker - Tweeter Unit 1" compression Horn
Spreaker - Woofer Unit 8"
Surround Spreaker - Mid Unit 4"
Surround Spreaker - Magnetic Shielding No Shield