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  • 1800 Watts | Blast Horn | TV Sound Sync (Optical) | Multi Color Party Lighting | Pro DJ Wheel | Karaoke Star
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Have a Blast with 1800W

Pump up your audio experience with clear and impactful booming beats. LG XBOOM OK99 is designed to accommodate any party no matter the size.

Hear the Beat, Feel it

The LG XBOOM OK99 pumps out thumping, thunderous low-end from its 12inch mighty woofer for bass you can feel as well as hear.

Light Up Your Party

Complete your party with Multi Color Lighting Woofers that changes to the beat of the music playing. The white Dual Sparkle Strips and the blue and red corner lightings highlight the party with more fun.


Add color to your party with LG Audio Bluetooth App. You can easily personalize various Lighting Mode from your phone.

Music on the Move Anytime and Anywhere

Start music on anywhere with LG XBOOM OK99. Grab the handles and roll your system where you need it.

Let Your Inner DJ Out

Become a DJ with Pro DJ features. Turn the jog wheel for scratching and add other various sound effects as well as looping specific part of the track by simply pushing a button.

Accelerate Your Party

Build up the energy with the Party Accelerator controller. Simply slide the throttle forward to experience the party build up with booming systems and crazy lightings.

Dual USB with DJ Sharing

Play and mix from two different USB drives. With DJ Sharing feature, you can easily send mixed party tracks to your phone.

Karaoke Star

With the push of a button the vocals can be suppressed from almost any track and source. Change the key of the track to better suit your vocal range. Sing along to your favorite music without having to buy special tracks.

Various Voices Bring the Fun

Take control of your voice with 18 different Vocal Effects even when you sing, making every party more fun.

TV Sound Sync

Enjoy watching the TV with a powerful and balanced sound. Connect your TV to the LG XBOOM OK99 via optical cable or wirelessly. With compatible LG TV, you can easily adjust the volume with your TV remote control.

Multi Jukebox

Up to three different people can connect their devices to the speaker system via bluetooth and build a playist on the fly, without ever interrupting the party. Pick any available song, then just add it to the queue.


Power Output - Front 450W x 2
Power Output - Sub Woofer 900W
Function Selector - CD/DVD Yes
Function Selector - Tuner Yes
Function Selector - AUX1 Yes
Function Selector - AUX2 Yes
Function Selector - USB1 Yes
Function Selector - USB2 Yes
Function Selector - Portable In Yes
Function Selector - Bluetooth Yes
Audio In - Optical Yes
Audio in - USB 1 Yes (Front)
Audio in - USB 2 Yes (Front)
Audio In - Portable In Yes
Audio In - AUX IN 1/2 (L/R) 1 (Rear)
Door Lock Key (Disc) Yes
System Connection with speaker (Front/Subwoofer) Built-in
Radio Antenna - FM Yes
Karaoke Function - Mic Volume (on Main Set) Yes
Karaoke Function - Mic Jack 2EA (Φ6.3)
Karaoke Function - Echo (on RCU) Yes
Display - Type CM4740
Display - Demo Yes
Display - Dimmer Yes
EQ - User EQ Yes
EQ - Cluster2 EQ Yes
EQ - Standard Yes
EQ - Pop Yes
EQ - Classic Yes
EQ - Rock Yes
EQ - Jazz Yes
EQ - Bass Blast/Bass Blast+ Bass Blast
EQ - Football Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Dangdut Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Arabic Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Afro Hip-hop Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - India Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Regueton Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Merengue Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Salsa Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Samba Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Axe Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Forro Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Funk Yes
Local EQ (Latin/Brazil/etc.) - Sertanejo Yes
Juke Box Yes
DJ Effect Yes
DJ Loop Yes
DJ Pro (DJ PAD) Yes
DJ Scratch Yes
Multi Jukebox Yes
Sampler Creator Yes
Party Kick Starter Yes
Party Kick Starter Sampler creator Yes
Auto DJ Yes
Childsafe Mode Yes
Power Requirement - Narrow (50/60Hz) 110 or 220/230V 50/60Hz
Power Requirement - Wide 110/220V
Power Consumption 170W
Power Consumption at stand by 0.5W↓
Audio Control
dts Digital Surround Yes
2Ch Stereo(By-Pass) Yes
Mute Yes
Type PLL
Band FM
Tuning Range - FM (50kHz/100kHz) 87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz
Station Preset Ran.50
Memory/Erase Yes/Yes
Clock/alarm/Sleep/Set Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes
Playable Disc, File type/Convenience
Disc 1
Loading Type 1-CD Tray
Playable DISC Format - Audio CD Yes
Playable DISC Format - MP3/WMA CD Yes/Yes
Playable DISC Format - CD-R/CD-RW Yes/Yes
Playable File Format - MP3 Yes
Playable File Format - WMA Yes
Playable File Format - Bluetooth AAC Codec Yes
Convenience - Repeat 1/All Yes/Yes
Convenience - JukeBox Yes (300)
Convenience - Suffle Yes
Convenience - Skip - Fwd/Rev Yes
Convenience - Scan - Fwd/Rev Yes
Convenience - USB direct recording Yes
Convenience - Dual USB (USB1 to USB2 recording) Yes
Convenience - Bluetooth Yes
Convenience - Bluetooth Remote App (Android/iOS) Yes
Convenience - Multi Color(RGB) Speaker Lighting Yes
Convenience - Sparkle Lighting Yes
Convenience - X-Flash Lighting Yes
Convenience - LED Set lighting (Wheel) Yes
Convenience - Party Accelerator Yes
Convenience - MP3/WMA ID3 Tag Display Yes
Convenience - File/Folder search with music playing (EZ File Search) Yes
Convenience - File delete Yes
Convenience - Bluetooth Auto Function Change Yes
Convenience - TV Sound Sync. Yes
Convenience - Bluetooth Power on (Stand by) Yes
Convenience - DJ Sharing Yes
Convenience - Fota Yes
Convenience - Bluetooth Multi Phone Pairing (Android/iOS) Yes
Convenience - Auto Music Play (Move&Play) Yes
Convenience - Wireless Party Link Yes
Set mobility - Wheels Yes (2)
Set mobility - Handle Yes
Echo Mode Yes
Vocal Effects Yes
Voice Canceller Yes
Key Changer Yes
TV Sound
Control with your TV Remote - Vol + , - , Mute Yes
Sound Sync - Bluetooth (LG TV) Yes
Sound Sync - Optical Yes
Automatic Power on/off - Bluetooth (LG TV) Yes
Automatic Power on/off - Optical Yes
Remote Commander & Accessory
Remote Control Unit - Unit Yes
Remote Control Unit - Model name MA2
Remote Control Unit - Number of Key 40 (Option 9)
Remote Control Unit - Battery AAA x 2
Remote Control Unit - Simple Yes
Warranty Card Yes
FM Antenna FM 75Ω ANT
Carton Box Type (Tip on/Offset/Flexo) Tip on
Power Cord Cable Yes
System 2Way 2Speaker/1Way 1Speaker
Tweeter Unit 2" x 2
Mid Unit 4" x 2
Impedance 6Ω/12Ω
Magnetic Shielding No Shield
Woofer Unit 12" x 1