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  • DUAL DOOR-IN-DOOR™,Easy access and up to 46.5% Less cold air loss | SMART STORAGE SYSTEM | INVERTER LINEAR COMPRESSOR | HYGIENE FRESH + ™French Door
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Dual Door-in-Door™ EASY ACCESS to Your Favorites

LG’s Dual Door-in-Door™ maximizes space, makes favorite foods easy to reach and also dramatically reduces cold air loss. The outer door area provides quick access to snacks and drinks without cold air escaping from the inside, which cuts energy costs and keeps foods fresher longer.

Door-in-Door™ Innovative Door Design

LG’s Door-in-Door™ offers smart storage for cooking ingredients and puts your family’s favorites front and center. Use the Cooking Space door for condiments and frequently used items. The Family Space door gives your family easy access to snacks and drinks. And both door areas keep cold air inside the fridge to keep foods fresh.

LG Dual Door-in-Door™ Less Cold Air Loss

LG's innovative Dual Door in Door™ was designed for modern-day home chefs looking to conserve energy and save on electricity costs. Exterior door storage plus another layer between the outer and inner storage areas reduce cold air loss to a minimum. Food stays fresher longer, even if the refrigerator door is frequently opened.

32 Spaces for Smart Storage Spaces

LG Dual Door-in-Door™ refrigerator offers 32+ smart spaces! You have 20+ Spaces in fridge and 12+ spaces in freezer which is more than enough to organize all your foods!

Styles that Works Black Stainless Steel

Give your kitchen a premium look with the simple elegance of the LG Black Stainless Steel finish!

SAVE ENERGY with the Inverter Linear Compressor

You might not see it, but the Inverter Linear Compressor inside Dual Door-in-Door™ refrigerators makes a big difference. Foods stay fresher longer but without high energy consumption. This next-generation technology reduces both noise levels and internal friction so that more energy is used for cooling. Backed by a 10-year LG warranty.

99.999% FRESH AIR with Hygiene Fresh+™

LG’s Hygiene Fresh+™ technology uses a 5-stage filter that eliminates most food spoiling agents, such as dust, fungi spore, acidic and alkaline odors and bacteria. The system removes up to 99.999% of air-borne food contaminants and purifies the air inside the refrigerator so that fresh produce and perishables last longer.

Color Luminous Black
Capacity (Litre) 672L
Inverter Linear Compressor Yes
Cooling Technology Multi Air Flow Cooling
Door In Door Dual Door In Door
Hygiene Fresh+™ Yes
Exterior Display LED Display
Smart Diagnosis Yes
French Door Yes
Tempered Glass Shelves 4
Moist Balance Crisper Yes
Interior Lamp LED
Open Door Alarm Yes
Sensors Multi Digital Sensors
Child Lock Yes
Express Freezing Yes
Drawers (Plastic) 2
Gallon Storage Extra Space
Icemaker Type Tripple Twist Ice Tray
Drawers 6
Height (mm) 1797
Width (mm) 912
Depth (mm) 758