4 Door Refrigerator


Key Features

  • Door-In-Door ™ | Inverter Linear Compressor | Hygiene Fresh+ | Multi Air Flow
4 Door Refrigerator
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Door design Door-in-Door ™

Door design Door-in-Door ™ (Door on the door) Luxury is unique with special doors. Installed on the exterior refrigerator door. For you to pick up on the side racks more comfortably, easy to use, convenient to reduce the loss of cold wind.

Hygiene Fresh + ™ removes smells inside the refrigerator.

Hygiene Fresh + ™ uses a 5-layer air filter to remove dust, bactericides and odors in the refrigerator up to 99.999%

Smart Diagnosis ™

Smart Diagnosis ™ is a quick and easy way to solve the problem of electrical appliances. Just call the LG Service Center. And place the phone close to the Smart Diagnosis ™, which will emit a specific signal. Make the service center aware of the problem. They can provide immediate solutions to their customers.

LED light

The internal LED illumination system allows you to easily find your food and drink in the refrigerator. And also save energy. Increased durability by LED lighting uses less heat to illuminate. Help maintain the freshness of food.

capacity 619.5 liters
Body color White
Compressor system Inverter Linear Compressor
Air purifier Hygiene Fresh + 5 layers
Water system none
Cold distribution system have
Moist Balance Crisper none
Tempered glass shelves have
Body size Width 912 x height 1,780 x depth 715 mm
Compressor warranty 10 years