674L Door in Door


In front of LG 674L Door in Door
inside of LG 674L Door in Door
Top inside of LG 674L Door in Door
Top inside of LG 674L Door in Door
Bottom inside of LG 674L Door in Door
Corner view of LG 674L Door in Door
Corner view of LG 674L Door in Door
Inside of LG 674L Door in Door
Inside of LG 674L Door in Door

Key Features

  • Inverter Linear Compressor | DID (Door-in-Door) | Hygiene Fresh+ ™ | 10-Year Compressor Warranty
674L Door in Door
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EASY ACCESS to your favorites with Door-in-Door™

A well-designed double-layered door system featuring a unique panel that opens with just a touch of a button. Get quick and easy access to the foods you use the most. The innovative Door-In-Door™ lets you quickly locate and grab your favorite snacks or food items without having to search the shelves.

SAVE ENERGY with the Inverter Linear Compressor

LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor technology maximizes energy savings, lowers noise levels and keeps food fresh longer. The Linear Compressor efficiently controls cooling power and reduces internal friction for less wear and tear, making the refrigerator so durable that LG can back it with a 10-year warranty.

99.999% FRESH AIR with Hygiene Fresh+™

LG's Hygiene Fresh+™ technology kills bacteria and eliminates bad odors.
A unique double photocatalyst mechanism and UV LED team up to deodorize and keep bacteria out, decomposing bad smells and germs in a three-step process. Plus, double carbon deodorizers neutralize acidic and alkaline odors from overripe vegetables or fish.

5 Reasons to buy

① Door-in-Door™
② Smart Storage
③ Hygiene Fresh+
④ Large Capacity
⑤ Inverter Linear Compressor

Smart Storage

To keep items in separate, sealed containers is essential to maintaining the distinctive taste and aroma of each ingredient. LG’s Smart Storage System is composed of several clever features, designed not only to improve accessibility and keep food fresher, but to meet the specific needs of consumers.

Tilting Fresh Basket

Reserve your veggies! Store left over veggies in a specialized space fresh and safe.

In & Out Sauce Carrier

One trip is enough! Grab all the sauces at once when you cook and serve.

Extra Space

More Space, More Storage! A new space where you can organize neatly small items such as eggs, snacks and sausage.

Folding Shelf

Just Fold, Place tall items! Shelves can be folded to your needs.

Easy Pull Drawer

Easy In, Easy Out! Even though drawers are fully packed, it slides out smoothly.

Fresh Box

No more smell mix, Store separately! Separate storage for odor generating food.

High-Class Durability

You can have peace of mind with LG's Inverter Linear Compressor that guarantees 10 year warranty. Now, LG also assures high-class durability based on the result of accelerated 20-year lifespan test by VDE*

*The VDE is the association for electrical, electronic and information technologies and their related sciences, technologies and applications.

Common Spec
Type Side by Side
Volume Capacity 25.6 cu.ft
General Features
Inverter Linear Compressor
DID (Door-In-Door)
Hygiene Fresh
Xtra Duo Space
Dimension (mm)
Dimension (WxHxD) 912 x 1797 x 758 mm