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  • Perfect Black | Perfect Color | Perfect Curve | Art Slim | Sound designed by harmon kardon
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Self-lighting Pixels

Transcending LED technology, every pixel in the LG OLED TV enables you to dive into an illumination of unmatched color. Each OLED self-lighting pixel turns on and off on its own in order to exhibit the richest details in a surreal picture quality that was never thought imaginable. Your screen will always present a near perfect image with the brightest whites and darkest blacks in any lighting style or quality.

Perfect Color

Experience how Perfect Black redefines the true color. The images are rendered with the richest details and exhibit a surreal picture quality that was never thought imaginable, creating the world of Perfect Color. Rivaled only by reality, the LG OLED TV’s self-lighting pixels present the most vivid imagery the world has ever known.

Clear Motion

Catch all the fast-paced action from your favorite flick or engage yourself with your favorite sports team with the utmost clarity. The highly developed response system with LG OLED TV ensures that you will never miss out on the most defining moments of your movie or game. This incredibly vibrant display creates crystal-clear, blur-free and seamless motion.

Art Slim

LG’s OLED TV’s Art Slim design combines function and fashion in order to bring you convenience and elegance. This stunningly slim TV exceeds the thinness of most smart phones and spares neither comfort nor quality. Enjoy sitting on the edge of technology with the world’s most contemporary and stylish TV.

4K Resolution

Transform the way you watch TV with 4K resolution. At four times the resolution of Full HD 1080p, your images are enhanced with ultimate detail and clarity. Even up close, you can view an incredibly lifelike resolution. The next generation built-in HVEC decoder allows you to always bring the best out of all your viewing content and
display it with 4K resolution.

webOS 2.0

Engage yourself with the LG Smart TV simple and intuitive webOS 2.0 platform. You can access and enjoy more of your favorite entertainment through the easiest experience of Smart TV. Worry less, enjoy more and smoothly navigate with your Magic Remote through any of your viewing content. You can effortlessly interact with your TV with an easy point, click, scroll, or just stay seated and say what you want your TV to do with a voice command.

33 Mega Color Pixel

LG OLED TV illuminates all the colors to life with 33 Mega Color Pixels.The increased number of sub- pixels amplifies the picture quality as well as your viewing experience. Each of the 8.3 million individual pixels consist of 4 color pixels that bring white, red, green and blue together with more brightness and precise color accuracy.

Sound Designed by harman/kardon

LG pairs the perfect display and premium sound quality with Harman/Kardon®. The quality sound and screen bring your 4K experience to a whole new level of enjoyment. With LG OLED you are no longer just passing the time in front of your TV; you are now immersing yourself with superior picture and sound quality in an incomparable experience.

4K 3D+

Become enthralled and captivated with the LG 3D cinema-like feature. Your lightweight and battery-free 3D glasses enable you to transcend reality by surrounding you inside your own TV. Convert your standard 2D movie or TV show in to a dynamic 3D display while keeping the sharpness of the four-fold 4K resolution.

Display Module
Device OLED
Resolution 3840*2160
Screen Size (cm) 65
Terrestrial DVBT/T2
Tru ULTRA HD Engine Yes
Triple XD Engine Yes
Active Noise Reduction Yes
Smart Living Sensor Yes
HEVC Codec 4K 60P
Audio Output "20W FR L/R) 10.0W*2"
Speaker System 2.0Ch Speaker System (2 way 4 SPK)
3D Sound Zooming Yes
Sound System ULTRA Surround
Sound Designed by Harman Kardon Yes
Clear Voice II Yes
LG Smart TV
Soc LM15U
Common Specification
Voice Recognition Yes
Divx (SD/HD/Plus HD) DivX HD
3D Yes
Dual Play Yes
DVR (Digital)
DVR (Digital) Yes
Smart Share
Smart Share Yes
HDMI 3(3G :1 / 6G : 2)
USB 2.0/3.0 2/1
LAN 1 (V)
# of 3D Glasses F310 2ea(TBD)
Remote Controller MR15 (BLACK)
HID Ready
BT Soundbar Ready