65″ Super UHD TV


65″ Super UHD TV
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Upgrade your viewing experience with LG SUPER UHD TV. Bringing every color to life,
LG SUPER UHD TV boasts compatibility with multiple HDR formats, an extended color range, and ultra-slim design. See how entertainment comes alive with lifelike colors, dramatic contrast and exceptional resolution.

Multiple HDR compatibility

HDR SUPER for LG SUPER UHD TV enables your TV to render vibrant colors and shadow details. LG HDR SUPER supports multiple HDR formats - not only generic HDR10, but also Dolby Vision, a more advanced, premium version of HDR that ensures the content is being displayed as it is meant to be seen.

IPS 4K Quantum Display

LG's specially designed IPS 4K Quantum Display* can reproduce more shades of colors with finer gradation : over a billion rich colors in all. The IPS 4K Quantum Display yields a more accurate and lifelike picture from a wider viewing angle.

ColorPrime Plus

colorPrime Plus features an extended range of colors to express vivid images. The LG SUPER UHD TV delivers more enjoyment with a greater variety of realistic colors.

Billion Rich colors

The Billion Rich colors feature divides and subdivides colors into a broader spectrum. This allows for more precise color adjustment across the color spectrum. The end result is 64 times richer color compared to conventional LCD TVs, treating viewers to unprecedented levels of color and detail.

Wide Viewing Angle

Due to the nature of the display, the image on the screen maintains its integrity from any viewing angle. This allows you to enjoy dynamic, vibrant color from every seat in the room.

ULTRA Luminance

ULTRA Luminance sends excess current from dark areas to brighter areas to enhance contrast. Combine the LG SUPER UHD TV’s excellent ability to express darkness with its distinct contrast between dark and light, and you have an image that is as sharp and clear as real life.


With its display panel integrated into an ultra-slim metal frame, the LG SUPER UHD TV’s screen floats on a beautiful stand that resembles a crescent moon. Turn it on and the LG SUPER UHD TV inspires with life-like color. And even when it’s off, its beautiful design makes a statement – the LG SUPER UHD TV is a fine piece of art.


Top-notch sound quality is the other half of a truly luxurious TV experience. On the same note, the lifelike images of the LG SUPER UHD TV are narrated in the premium sound designed by harman/kardon®.

webOS 3.0

The LG SUPER UHD TV’s takes the simplicity and fun of webOS to an even greater level of entertainment with webOS 3.0. For one reason, and one reason only – so you can easily stay on top of your prime time viewing.

Magic Zoom

Magic Zoom can enlarge live screens while viewers watch. By pressing the Zoom key on the remote control, the scene can be enlarged to catch the details.

Magic Mobile Connection

Magic Mobile Connection allows viewers to enjoy smartphone content on their TV with ease.
Additionally, using just a Wi-Fi connection, they can enjoy their music and video apps on the big screen.

Magic Remote

Magic Remote can operat everything on th TV and set-top box at the same time using motion and voice controls. Take control of your entertainment experience with a new level of remote control convenience. Spend less time for searching and more time for enjoying.

Display Screen
Display Device LED
High Dynamic Range (HDR) HDR Plus
Color Prime Color Prime Plus
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Pixel Dimming / Local Dimming Local Dimming
3D Color Mapping Yes
Color Depth Billion Rich Colors
Refresh Rate (Hz) 200
Ultra Luminance Yes
DVB-T2 Yes
Dolby Vision Support Yes
4K Upscaller Yes
IPS 4K Yes
HEVC Codec 4K 60P 10bit
3D Type Yes
2D to 3D Convert Source Yes
Input & Output (Side)
USB 2.0 / 3.0 2 / 1
HDMI 2.0A 3
Input & Output (Rear)
RF In 1
Digital Audio Out (Optical) 1
Digital Audio Out (Optical) 1
Headphone out 1
Magic Remote Control Yes
Smart ShareTM DLNA/Miracast/Widi
Contents Launcher Bar, LG Content Store
Wi-Fi B/in / Wi-Fi Ready Built-in
Multi View Picture and Picture
Launcher (Recent / Home / My Apps) Yes
Magic Remote Universal Set Top Box Control
Hardware Flatfrom (CPU) Quad
Music Player Yes (Screen on/off available)
Time Machine Recording/Time Shift/ (RF/Composite)
Web Browser Yes
SMART Platform webOS 3.0
Magic Zoom Live, Focus
Magic Mobile Connection LG Remote App
STB Control Yes
Sound System Ultra Surround
Speaker System 75": 4.2ch 60W <75": 2.2ch 40W
Sound Designed by Harman Kardon Yes
Magic Sound Tuning Yes
HI-FI Audio Sound Yes
SMART Sound Mode Yes
Wireless Sound Sync Yes