20KG TurboShot


In front of LG 12Kg TurboShot
Corner view of LG 12Kg TurboShot
Corner view of LG 12Kg TurboShot
Open view of LG 12Kg TurboShot
Open view of LG 12Kg TurboShot
Open view of LG 20KG TurboShot
LG 12Kg TurboShot
LG 12Kg TurboShot
LG 12Kg TurboShot
Inside of LG 12Kg TurboShot

Key Features

20KG TurboShot
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Stylish & Premium Design

Stylish and durable design ensures convenience and safety while offering efficient and innovative features

6 Motion DD

Select a wash program, and the 6 Motion Direct Drive will move the drum in different directions for optimal fabric care. This system provides six types of motion, and controls spin speed and left and right drum rotation for better performance, letting you thoroughly clean a variety of fabrics with fewer wrinkles and less damage.

Inverter Direct Drive Motor

LG has upgraded the Direct Drive with inverter module with the latest technology. The improved Direct Drive Motor has better wash performance, letting you wash a variety of fabrics more efficiently and with less damage.


Warm water can dissolve detergent more easily and increase the washing performance. Heater located below the inner tub increase water temperature up to 40~60°. So it can wash allergens and hard stains much cleaner than in cold water.

Tub Clean+

Cleanse the tub by rotating 60℃ hot water in it to thoroughly remove dirt and germs from every corner of the washing machine including the ones you don't see. The Tub Clean features provides a 99% sterilization rate to make washing cleaner than ever.

Full Stainless Steel Tub

The Full Stainless Steel Tub is more effective at controlling bacteria growth than conventional plastic tubs. These antimicrobial effects have been proven by the Intertek test to eliminate 90% of harmful bacteria by preventing it from ever taking root.

Big Capacity

With more room, the large-capacity drum lets you wash more clothing in a single load or wash bulky items like duvets and curtains in your own home.

Jet Spray

During rinse cycle, clean water directly sprays on clothes through Jet Spray Nozzle. And water penetrates through clothes while tub is filled with water simultaneously

Smart Diagnosis™

Smart Diagnosis™ helps diagnose and troubleshoot mechanical issues, limiting costly and inconvenient service visits.

General Specification
Wash Capacity 20(kg)
Colour Stainless Silver Color
Motor Type Direct drive motor with 6 Motion technology
Hot & Cold Water Inlet Hose option Yes
Spa steam function Yes
Intelligent Washing System Yes
Auto Balance Yes
Tub Clean+ 60℃
with Foam sensing & removal Yes
SmartRinse™ Yes, Smart Cleaning with i-Sensor
Display lighting type Jet Spray System
Semi Auto restart Platinum Lighting type
Load detect Yes
Net ( WIDTH X HEIGHT X DEPTH, MM ) 632X670X1020