24kg domestic model, 6 motion DD, Steam, Sapience


Key Features

  • Clean and care for hand washing​​ | 6-way drum wash system | Washable program with warm water | Drum and dish washing is stainless steel.
24kg domestic model, 6 motion DD, Steam, Sapience
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Elegant design

Modern design and control panel Easy to use.

Cleaning cloth. With 6 Motion DD technology

Simply select the program that fits the fabric. 6 Motion Direct Drive technology designs rotary drum rotation in a variety of directions. For washing performance And the utmost care.

Direct-drive motor Inverter Direct Drive

Inverter Direct Drive Inverter Direct Drive has no belt and pulley, so it runs silently and more durable. The LG motor is guaranteed for up to 10 years.

Built-in hot water heater To clean up

Warm water removes detergent. It also increases the efficiency of washing. The boiler is located at the bottom of the drum. By boiling water, the water temperature is in the range of 40 ~ 60 °. And germs better than washing with cold water. Or normal water temperature.

Tub Clean program

Remove residue And the germs in the tank were washed with 60 ° C hot water and the vortex caused by the rotation of the drum. It removes sticky stains. And the germs in the washing tank. Especially in the corners of the machine. To keep the tank clean and hygienic, and to increase efficiency in washing.

Washing and dish washing stainless steel

Washing machine Washbasins and dishwashers are all stainless steel. To effectively control the growth of bacteria within the drum. Compared to washing dishes. And a plastic tank. It has been tested to eliminate up to 90% bacteria. And more hygienic.

Turboshot ™

The revolutionary WaveForce rotating drum creates a deep-seated power in the fabric. And the spray technology (Jet Spray) to improve detergent washing. Save water Combination of both technologies improves washing performance above cleanliness.

Water Spray System (Jet Spray)

During the washing process Will spray directly on the cloth. For better cleaning results. Note: Jet Spay works only for the first time.

WIFI function

Allows you to operate the washing machine via a smartphone easily. Allows you to set the washing time. Check the washing status. Include download new programs easily.

Washing capacity (kg) 24
Washing system 6 Motion Direct Drive + TuboShot
Motor system Inverter Direct Drive
Washing dishes stainless
Body color Silver stainless
Wash program Yes
Pre-wash program Yes
Built-in heating system Yes
Soft Closing Door Yes
Jet Spray Yes
Body size Width 686 X Height 1020 X Depth 721 mm
Motor insurance 10 years