Laundry System

When you choose the LG Commercial
Laundry System, you get a total laundry
solutions including the most suitable
equipment and full support for your

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The Giant-C is best solution for your business. Save costs and space with high efficiency and easy installation and make money on LG reliability. More customers will visit your laundry room!

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Profits for Business

LG Commercial Laundry System will enable greater profits for your business by saving you money in utility bills. It uses less electricity while maintaining an outstanding washing performance.

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The Best Solution for your Business Success

Durability, Efficiency, Convenience

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Health Care, Cleaners and Athletic Facilities

LG Commercial Laundry System is tough on stains, but gentle on fabric ensuring that your clothing and linens will last longer. Less water and energy used during the wash cycle will lead to cheaper utility bills.

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